Announcing ‘Distinctively Dutch’: Dutch art festival in Pittsburgh, Spring 2012


We are proud to announce Distinctively Dutch: a festival in Pittsburgh, starting february and ending in june 2012, where in this period of four months some of the best Dutch cultural acts will perform their great works. The Distinctively Dutch Festival will feature the best of Dutch Dance, Theatre, Opera, Film, Visual Arts and Literature – all different, all new. Dutch Arts: because you deserve it!

Many of the shows will be premieres: two are even world premieres (Wunderbaum’s ‘Detroit Dealers’ and JacobTv’s ‘The News’), while several shows will have their US premiere in Pittsburgh (such as Pips:lab’s Diespace, Dance Work Rotterdam’s ‘Anatomica’ and the show by Jiri Kylian and Michael Schumacher). For Jiri Kylian, a world famous choreographer, it has been quite a while since his any of his work was seen in the US, another reason to visit the show.


In the coming months will keep you updated on all of the coming events of the Distinctively Dutch Festival. The blog will feature posts with all of the vital artistic and practical information. Distinctively Dutch promises to be a festival full of great, innovative events, showcasing the best the Netherlands has to offer in the field of arts – so stay tuned to our blogs!

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  1. dutch music lover in pgh says:

    please bring ICP to the Distinctively Dutch festival in Pittsburgh!

    Thank you

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