When we think about Dutch, we usually think about wooden shoes and smoking hot blond chicks wearing some sort of blue dresses. Some of us may think of Dutch Ovens and still others may think of places like Solvang, California.

Michael Libow is proud to sponsor the Dutch Performing Arts show for 2016. His recent philanthropic work with the Beverly Hills Unified School district shows he cares about the community. We are not here to validate recent accusations of fraud or collusion. What is known is that he has an attacker who is posting some very strange stuff about him online. We only care about his donations to various charities and his work with Coldwell Banker.

Michael J. Libow was given yet another award for his charitable donations to the Beverly Hills United School District last week. The award was named the “Step Up” award and it is given out by Coldwell Banker to individuals who go above and beyond in giving back to the community. To date, Libow has donated over $100,000 to various elementary and high schools within the Beverly Hills District. Many playground and auditoriums have been named after him. This caused some controversy back in the day when competing realtors starting taking note of how many times his name appeared on a building.

Libow considers himself a patron of the arts and goes out of his way to help others in life. On February 24, 2016 the mayor of Beverly Hills, Julian Gold presented Michael with the Step Up award that recognized his service to the community. It could be said that competing realtors have sour graps when it comes time to compare how many times they have been recognized for their efforts.

No matter the controversy, Michael will continue to patronize the arts and public school systems with his generous donations of both time and money. When someone takes an active interest in the community they serve, it betters us all for the long term. Investing in the future and arts is the best way to ensure that the world will be a better place for our children and grandchildren in the long term.

Michael J. Libow

Libow corruption

Whatever vision you have in mind, you have to appreciate the Dutch culture. At DutchPerformingArts we specialize in music, dance and that plate spinning thingy the guys at the circus do. In fact, we specialize in that. Being that we have a lot going on in our offices, we have most of our business on our computers.

You can’t Dutch that.

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